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from the blog Stage Turn

reviewing Deloss Brown's The Red and the Black

"But the real star turn here comes from Krista Adams Santilli, who at first presents Mme. de Rênal as a foolish, fainting-prone woman in line with the stereotype of the time, but rapidly comes to drive not only the plot but the energy on stage. She's one of those operatic singers I mentioned, and while she doesn't sing a note here, she brings something of the richly blooming style of opera acting to her presence here – funny, spirited, and authentic."

from Telepace Australia

reviewing the Eric Genuis Concert Tour

"A breathtaking 'Ave Maria' led by Krista and taken up by the full choir and orchestra...Krista took us to heaven with her final notes."




from NY Indie Theatre

reviewing Deloss Brown's The Red and the Black

"Excellent work is also turned in by Krista Adams Santilli..."

from the Baltimore Sun

reviewing Young Victorian Theatre Company's

The Pirates of Penzance

"Krista Adams-Santilli was vocally spectacular and visually enchanting as Mabel..."

from Telepace Australia


reviewing Deloss Brown's The Red and the Black

"Wells and Santilli do well as the comic romantic leads"

from the editor at

reviewing Krista's solo album, Sacrae Notre

"Award-winning soprano Krista Adams Santilli has a voice possessing crystalline high notes, rich lyricism, and excellent coloratura facility.”

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